I’m very proud to announce our first collaboration with Twenty Thousand Hertz, the podcast hosted by Dallas Taylor that explores the world’s most recognizable and interesting sounds! 20K recently celebrated it’s 4 MILLIONTH download, and the series was just awarded Best Arts Podcast at the 2017 Academy of Podcasters Awards.

The episode is entitled, “Fight or Flight.” It explores the role sounds play in triggering people’s fear of flying.

For the episode, I interviewed Devika Fiorillo, a clinical psychologist in Virginia, as well as Tom Finnegan, a commercial airline pilot.  We covered a wide range of topics in the interviews. I then went back and developed a narrative combining my research and their answers and scripted the parts for Dallas.  The team at 20K and Defacto did an amazing job with the sound design, bringing our experts’ descriptions to life.

You can find Twenty Thousand Hertz on iTunes or wherever you access your podcasts, as well as here on their website, 20k.org.