When I got today’s email from PromaxBDA, I was incredibly excited to see my client, 2C Creative, nominated for Out-of-House Agency of the Year!  I spent the better part of 2015 working with 2C on a variety of projects, both down in Miami and working remotely from my office here in Maryland.  So, needless to say, I was thrilled for my friends and colleagues in South Florida.

When I reached out to Chris Sloan, the kinetic force behind 2C, to say congratulations, he wrote back congratulating me as well—saying that “Are We Alone?” had been nominated, too!  I dove into the finalists list online, and sure enough, the spot was nominated for three (!) PromaxBDA awards, including animation (for which their design director, Luis Martinez, absolutely deserves for his amazing work on that spot) and for COPYWRITING!

Now, I’ve had the honor of winning well over a dozen Promax awards over my years in the business, including my time on staff at both TLC and HGTV.  But this is my first project to be nominated since I went out on my own and started Würdsmith Creative.  I honestly feel like a little kid at Christmas (and in my mid-40s, that’s quite an accomplishment!).  It just validates my decision to go out on my own and have the ability to partner with such talented creatives across the industry.  And for someone who has positioned his brand as being a würdsmithgetting a copywriting nomination is huge.

PromaxBDA is in New York this year, and I was already planning to be up at the conference, but I hadn’t planned to actually buy a ticket for the conference itself… but now that there’s a chance some hardware might get handed out, I may have to rethink my strategy!

A big THANK YOU to Chris Sloan, Brian Eloe, Luis Martinez and the entire team at 2C Creative, as well as Matt Laster, the creative director at Science, for the opportunity to work on such a great project.

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